Effects: Legal steroids will promote muscle growth, fat loss,and an overall improvement in muscle recovery. Most anabolics will increase bulking and  weight gain, facilitate lean muscle mass, and notable improvement in strength.  Sex drive, boost libido, and enhanced muscle pumps are also reported as positive effects while using these products.

These bodybuilding supplements will deliver an overall improvement in athletic performance and physique in a very short period of time when used in conjunction with proper training and diet. Anabolic supplements are often used  by professional athletes and bodybuilders. They are safe, legal, and very effective when used properly. 

Dianadrol® is most often used as a bulking agent, muscle builder, or weight gainer.

Anadrolic™ promotes lean muscle gains and fat loss through boosting testosterone. This product is also a great strength gainer.

Decatest™ is very mild but primarily is an excellent muscle recovery agent. It is also an anti catabolic. This product is best when stacked for strength gaining or muscle building.

Clenodren™ is a potent fat burner. This is the product most often used right before competing. Because it gives you a boost in energy, many people use it as a pre-workout. Users report instant increases in strength and max lifts. Great for muscle toning.