Anadrolic “DROL”

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Testosterone builds muscle and burns fat. If you want Gains of 5-10 lbs of high quality muscle in 30 Days or less, along with drastic fat loss, than Anadrolic is a good choice for you. Militant Muscle Anadrolic legal Anadrol alternaitve, a muscle building supplement that uses testosterone to promote it’s anabolic activity.

If you want Dense-Rock Hard Muscular improvement, fast gains in strength. Also high quality fat loss, than Anadrolic is a great choice. Weight Gains are very mild, while muscle density and strength increases will be noticeable pretty quick !

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This product is for you if:
1) You want to gain 10-12 lbs in 30 Days. (see regimens)
2) You want to develop moderate strength gains and see abs in 30 or less.
3) You want to improve your bench press and squat within 1 week.
4) You want to see an INSTANT improvement in your workout intensity.
5) You want to recover faster so you are not sore for prolonged periods of time.
6) You want to completely transform your physique in 30 days or less.
7) You want to experience crazy muscle pumps.
8) You want to increase your testosterone levels.

*NO PCT or Liverguard is Needed.

This is the ultimate testosterone amplifier.

Rapidly increases serum testosterone to mega-levels. While users report increased aggression, ridiculous muscle pumps, rapid strength gains, increase in libido, more frequent, harder erections, greater stamina, and an overall improvement in muscle mass.